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Carmen DeLaurentis

Don’t let her smile fool you. This lord of the Sith is very keen on current pop culture things. Her eye for speciality / novelty items ensures she tires to keep the most popular things in stock. This is not limited to just toys but also includes comics and other various things. In her down time  you can catch her at one of the conventions or reading graphic novels.

Jason DeLaurentis

Ex-Commander of the 501st turned professional toy /comic/ convention reviewer. The Commander tries to keep up to date with all things related to Pop culture, especially Star Wars and Marvel. Collector of toys & Comics The Commander has some keen knowledge about various things related to the products.

Blue Skywalker
Trouble Maker

Blue’s hobbies include sleeping, barking, and getting excited when new packages arrive. In his down time he constantly watches Star Wars : The Clone Wars, Star Wars : Rebels, and has a deep appreciation of The Empire Strikes Back. He also has an appreciation of the Walking Dead & Zombies, Martial Arts films, & Anime.

Princess Penny
Trouble Maker's Sidekick

Penny’s hobbies include causing mischief, hanging out with her brother Blue and best pal the Mighty Broccoli toy. She is a fan of chewy toys, soft fluffy toys, and rubber soft football toys. Don’t be mistaken she does have some of the dark side in her and has proven worthy of wielding a red lightsaber while breathing like Darth Vader.